Astronomy on the Web

Here's a very incomplete and ever growing list of astronomy, science, and miscellaneous websites that I personally enjoy. Maybe you will too??? I'm probably a denizen of #TheWeirdPartoftheInternet, so buyer beware.

Funtime reading for you and your demon dog.

Funtime reading for you and your demon dog.


Bad Astronomy | Phil Plait: A former NASA astronomer debunks astro myths and talks about real-world science and how it affects you.

Astrobites: Published astronomy papers are summarised in a quick and easy to read blurb! Great to stay up to date with the latest research when you don't have time to peruse the entire arXiv!

Star Stryder | Pamela Gay: An astronomer and professional science communicator (and host of the Astronomy Cast podcast) gives an insider's take on science and academia.

Astronomy Magazine: This blog is all about what's in the sky right now for you to observe!

Hogg's Research | David Hogg: A more technical blog run by an NYU astronomer which gives an inside look at all the nitty gritty involved in research.

Prof. Alan R. Duffy: A fervent galaxy simulator and science communicator from Swinburne University talks about what it's like to create galaxies inside a computer and the outreach landscape down undah.

Astronomy Picture of the Day | NASA: A beautiful visual blog featuring a new science picture — covering everything from the aurora to exploding stars to faraway galaxies — daily.

Education, Outreach, & Citizen Science

Hubble Site: The outreach website for the Hubble Space Telescope, featuring all the latest images and news taken by the world's best known eye in the sky (that doesn't look down at you through your window like a weird creepy creep).

Amazing Space: A suite of educational resources maintained by the Space Telescope Science Institute for kids, educators and enthusiasts alike.

NASA Education: NASA's series of educational products including possible class material and great hands-on activities for kids of all ages.

Zooniverse: A whole lot of awesome citizen astronomy and science projects which will let you hunt for planets, characterise galaxies, and spot supernovae!

Let's Talk Science: A great Canadian resource promoting science programs and events happening nationwide and facilitates networking between educators and scientists.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/STScI

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/STScI


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal: A mostly accurate portrayal of life (especially as a big weird nerd).

PhD Comics: A mostly accurate portrayal of grad school.

Where Is California On Fire?: Everyone wants to know.

NASA Extragalactic Database: An incredible resource for anyone interested in studying galaxies, from occasional hobbyists to consummate professionals.